Title Type of Film Length of Film Dialogue AV Type
Anuncios, Senales, y Carteles Language 17 min. Spanish VHS/M
Atajo 3.0 Cultural
Spanish Software
Cámara 1 Cassette 1 Language
Spanish DVD/VHS
Cámara 1 Cassette 2 Language
Spanish DVD/VHS
¡Dímelo tú! 2nd ed. Language 85 min
¡Dímelo tú! 4th ed. Language 43 min
Encuentros en espanol Language
Eng./Span. Book
Encuentros en español Lang/Beg
Spanish Software
Encuentros,1&2, 3rd ed. Lang/Beg 40 min. Spanish VHS/M
Entradas I & II Lang/Culture 60 min. English VHS
Fiestas y Festivales Lang/Culture
Eng./Span. VHS/M
Hola Amigos! 7th ed. Language 2008 Eng./Span. DVD/M
Interacciones, 4th ed. Education 65 min. Eng./Span. VHS
Interacciones, 4th ed. Language
Eng./Span. Software
Interacciones, 5th ed. Lang/Int
Eng./Span. DVD
Journey into Spanish: Sentence Generator

Eng./Span. damaged
Languages of the World Language

Mexico Vivo Language
Eng./Span. VidDisk
Mexico Vivo audio tapes Language
Spanish Audio Tape
Mexico Vivo, Teacher's Guide (2) Education
English Book
Ponunciation Tutor in Spanish Language
Spanish Software
Sabias que. . . ? Language 60 min Eng./Span. VHS/M
Socios y colegas 2 Business 48 min Spanish DVD/missing
Spanish From Within Language 60 min. Spanish VHS/M
Spanish From Within Viewers Workbook Language
Eng./Span. Book
Spanish Now, Transparent Language Language
Spanish Software
Spanish Partner Language
Spanish Software
Telesituaciones Language 15 min. Spanish VHS/M
VHS Pasaporte Español/audio Language 60 min. Spanish VHS
Videomundo Language
Spanish VHS/M/c
Videomundo Transcript & Answer Key Language
Eng./Span. Book
Videomundo, Viewers Manual Language
English Book
Zarabanda; 7 tapes Language 25 min. Spanish VHS/M